DIGESTION BLEND – Herbal Blend to Support the Digestive System (40g)

An Effective Herbal Blend from Holistic Hounds



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DIGESTION BLEND by Holistic Hounds, is a high quality herbal blend especially formulated to support and maintain a healthy digestive system. Digestion Blend can help to relieve flatulence, bloating and cramps and promotes regular, healthy motions.

Holistic Hounds offer natural solutions for the most common ailments affecting pets, using traditional knowledge alongside modern science, and the tools that nature has provided to help balance your pet’s mind, body and spirit.

If your pet is unwell or on medication, please seek veterinary advice before offering Holistic Hounds Herbal Blends. Do not use in pregnancy or nursing.


Fennel Seeds
Slippery Elm
Gotu Kola Leaf
Liquorice Root
Chamomile Flowers
Valerian Root


Pet's Weight / Dose (Teaspoon)
0-5kg – 1/4
5-10kg – 1/2
10-20kg – 1
20-30kg – 1.5
30-40kg – 2
40-50kg – 2.5

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