About Our Ancestral Canine Range of Dry Kibbles

At Ancestral Canine, we have FOUR CATEGORIES of Dry Kibbles for you to choose from:


Hypoallergenic Dog Foods are free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours, and are identified as having little likelihood of causing an allergic response, by limiting any ingredients known to cause allergic reactions.  Our entire range of Hypoallergenic Dog Foods are all Wheat Gluten Free, but will contain other low gluten grains, such as oats, rice and barley, which are well-tolerated by most dogs.

Premium Grain Free

If you are looking for an entry-level, grain free dog food, then Hello Duck is a highly regarded, very well-priced, Premium Grain Free kibble. Using potato as primary carbohydrate, in place of grains, our Premium Grain Free ranges are a lovely food for any dog, but especially suitable for those with a windy, sensitive tummy, grain intolerances, or suffering from mild, itchy skin conditions.

Super Premium Grain Free

Our extensive Super Premium Grain Free ranges contain even more high quality ingredients, than Premium Grain Free kibbles.  The meat content of a Super Premium Grain Free is likely to be much higher, and Sweet Potato, high in B vitamins and a complex carbohydrate, will be used as the primary carbohydrate.  Super Premium Grain Free foods offer superb nutrition and quality for all dogs, and are especially suitable for those with grain intolerances, windy tummies or itchy skin conditions.

To our Super Premium Grain Free range, we have just added BOOST! – a High Energy Performance Food for Agility and Sporting Dogs.

Ultra Premium Grain Free

Ultra Premium Grain Free kibbles are the “Bee’s Knees” of our grain free dry dog foods. Their outstanding ingredients offer a higher nutrient bio-availability and higher digestibility for your dog. Suitable for all dogs, including those with grain intolerances, windy tummies, or itchy skin conditions, these are some of the very best grain free kibbles on the market.

Nutri-Beef, Nutri-Duck and Nutri-Salmon are cooked at a gentle 90 degrees temperature, keeping in the freshness and protecting the delicate, natural proteins within the meat or fish. A superfood blend of five vegetables and/or fruits are then added, all proven to be nutritiously beneficial to dogs. These fabulous kibbles really are in a league of their own!

What can we say about our fabulous Truline Meat & Fish and Truline Fish? Made from 75% Nutritious Animal Ingredients, with 25% Fruit and Vegetables, Truline are some of the very best grain free dog foods available today.

Winning Best UK Dry Dog Food for two years running, in addition to being given the accolade of 5 out of 5 on All About Dog Food website, these kibbles are suitable for all life stages, from puppies to adults, and their ingredients exemplary.

The Ancestral Canine Range

About Our Ancestral Canine Range of Meat Wet Trays and Gourmet Sausages

Meat Wet Trays

We stock two kinds of Meat Wet Trays –  Grain Free, containing sweet potato and Hypoallergenic, containing rice. Both Meat Wet Tray types are made from, at least, 60% fresh meat, which has been gently steam cooked in its own tray, then vacuum sealed. Our Meat Wet Trays are a tasty, nutritious meal in their own right, or can be added to your dog’s normal kibble dinner, to give a nice, meaty boost.

Our Meat Wet Trays come into their own, if you are taking your dog out for the day, or perhaps to a Dog Show, as a 395g tray just requires you to peel off the film and, hey presto, dinner is served!

Being very easy to digest, meat trays are invaluable if your dog has been a little off-colour, or is recuperating from illness. Lower in fat content than kibbles, they are a good choice for dogs with certain medical conditions, too.

Meat Wet Trays can be stored in a cool cupboard prior to use, then once opened, store any unused meat in a refrigerator, for up to two days.

Gourmet Sausages

Our 750g Gourmet Sausages are the very best we have ever come across! Packed solid with 80% human-grade luscious meat or fish, Gourmet Sausages are Super Premium and Grain Free, and all made with single source protein. All meats used are responsibly raised and Red Tractor Assured, whilst all fish is Sustainably Sourced. Gourmet Sausages contain only THREE INGREDIENTS. Available in varieties of Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Salmon and White Fish, with either added Chickpeas and Parsnips, or Chickpeas and Carrots.

The Ancestral Canine Range

About Our Ancestral Canine Range of Grain Free Treats

 Grain Free Treats

It’s nice to be able to treat your best, little furry friend  …… but many so-called Dog Treats available on the market today, are sadly packed with Wheat, along with Animal and Cereal Derivitives. Not pleasant!

At Ancestral Canine, we have some fabulous treats for your dog, but we insist on all our treats being Healthy and Grain Free. We will soon be introducing our new Completely Natural, Air-Dried 100% Meat or Fish Range.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that your dog will love our Ancestral Canine Treats, because our own ten dogs have given the entire range a resounding PAWS-UP first!




The Ancestral Canine Range

About Our Ancestral Canine Well-Being Products

We are great believers in keeping our dogs healthy, naturally. After all, you only have to walk in the countryside with your dogs to watch them selectively choosing wild grasses and herbs to nibble.

We have given our own dogs natural herbs for several years, to keep them healthy and in prime condition, and we are so proud to now offer you the entire range of Herbal Blends from experts, Holistic Hounds.

Herbal Blends

Boost Blend – formulated to maintain and support a healthy immune system;

Calming Blend – formulated to promote calm and relieve anxiety;

Digestion Blend – formulated to support and maintain a healthy digestive system;

Focus Blend – formulated to promote calm and mental focus;

Fresh Blend – promoting fresh, healthy breath;

Joints Blend – formulated to support your pet’s joints;

Senior Blend – formulated to help relieve the effects of ageing and to support your pet through their later years;

Skin Blend – formulated to calm itchy, irritated skin;

Worm & Flea Deterrent – formulated as a natural, effective flea, mite, tick and parasite repellent.






The Ancestral Canine Range