About Ancestral Canine

Ancestral Canine Specialist Dog Foods, is a friendly, family-run business, based from our Farm, here in rural Staffordshire, on the edge of the stunning Peak District National Park.  

First and foremost ..... we love our Labradors.  All twelve of them. We care deeply about them, our days revolve around our dogs and, more importantly, we care what we feed them.

Over the years, we have tried countless dog foods. Some of them were nice, but extremely expensive, whilst others just gave our Labradors rumbly tummies and wind!

When our young Labrador, Molly, began to experience endless bouts of colitis and diarrhoea, we knew we had to take a good look at all our dogs' diets.

A leading Canine Nutritionist advised us that Molly should try a grain-free dog food, as he believed this might considerably improve her symptoms. It did, and ANCESTRAL CANINE PACK LEADER was born. That was six years ago and we, and Molly, have never looked back. Our Labradors are in excellent condition, their coats thick and shiny, and they quickly let us know if we are late with dinner!  INDEPENDENTLY RATED AS 4 OUT OF 5 STARS (EXCELLENT) on All About Dog Food, PACK LEADER soon became our Number One Best Seller.

Ancestral Canine now supplies an extensive range of Premium and Super Premium grain-free foods. We also stock a good range of Hypoallergenic - Wheat Gluten Free premium kibbles, all made with high quality ingredients. We recently introduced Ancestral Canine Wet Trays, both Hypoallergenic and Grain Free varieties, all gently steam cooked in their own trays, and containing a minimum of 60% meat. 

The ENTIRE ANCESTRAL CANINE RANGE HAS ALL BEEN TRIED AND TESTED BY OUR OWN DOGS, so that you can be as confident in our products as we are.

You can purchase Ancestral Canine from the online shop on this website, or by calling to see us at our Staffordshire farm (please ring first). We pride ourselves on our friendly, customer service and are always happy to assist you in choosing the best food for your dog from our Ancestral Canine range. Just give us a call, or email.

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You can find our Labradors on www.simplylabradors.co.uk



The Testing Team

Here at Ancestral Canine, all the products we sell have been tried and tested by our Hayhouse Labradors and cocker spaniel, Lottie, too. When we asked for volunteers for our Testing Team, there was no shortage of eager applicants. 

May we proudly introduce you to some of the Ancestral Canine Testing Team, who are doing a sterling job on your behalf!

Ancestral Canine foods have been tested for palatability, maintaining excellent condition of the dog and being easy for the owner to poop-scoop.



"At last I have found a quality complete food to feed my Labrador, Tansy. I have struggled with different kinds of complete foods, even the more expensive foods, as they all contain a lot of grain. It would seem that quite a lot of dogs are intolerant to grains, as they find it very difficult to digest and eventually end up like Tansy with colitis. Her stools came out like cow pats and contained a lot of mucus and the odd spot of blood. I tried everything and nothing worked until I spoke with Debbie at Ancestral Canine, who I found to be very knowledgeable. Debbie went into great detail explaining all about a new range of grain free food called Ancestral Canine Pack Leader. She suggested I try Pack Leader, which is completely cereal free and made from fresh tripe and vegetables, in a complete kibble. Tansy has never looked back. Her stools are now normal and her condition is great, which is important to me as she is a lot happier. I also show as my hobby, so need to keep my dogs in tip top condition and in show bloom. I cannot thank Debbie enough for all her help and information and I have no hesitation in recommending Ancestral Canine dog foods to others."

From Mrs Thompson, Churnetview Labradors.

"We first started Jack on Ancestral Canine Specialist Dog Foods six months ago, after being disillusioned with a lot of dried dog foods found on the market. We have had Jack, our Golden Retriever, from 3 months old and in all that time, Jack has had troubles with his bowels being loose. We were told by various people to keep him on the same dried dog food all the time and not give him anything else. We tried this for a while but Jack got so sick of the same old dried dog food that he would not eat it. We would try another and each time Jack got fed up. On certain foods, Jack began to have an odour, like a syrupy smell about him. The last straw came when we were watching a television programme about dog food and how a lot of foods had ingredients in it that the dog did not need and could not absorb. We started to read the small print on the food we had Jack on at the time and glucose was in it. We then made up our minds to look for other options on feeding Jack and this was when we found Ancestral Canine Specialist Dog Foods. Their dry foods contain good quality ingredients and the advice given to us about incorporating fresh foods into Jack’s diet as well, as it is more natural for your dog, was just what Jack needed to whet his appetite. We found an enormous change in Jack. He liked Ancestral Canine and now looks forward to his meal times and, with the introduction of fresh foods too in his diet, he has not got bored like he used to. His bowels improved within three days and he has also become calm in himself, his coat is great, his eyes are bright with no discharge and he has lost that awful smell he had. Jack is a lot happier and so are we. "

Mr & Mrs Hall, Waterhouses, Staffordshire.

"We just wanted to give you an updated on Star and Luna, our huskies. Within days of using Ancestral Canine Pack Leader we saw an improvement in both their poos but especially with Luna, as often we couldn’t pick hers all up and would have to get the hose out. They are both enjoying their Pack Leader, cereal free diet, and are having vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and sometimes peas, as you suggested. They have also tried raw eggs a few times now – they weren’t sure to start with but very quickly got the hang of it.  As for fish, they absolutely love it and I’ve stocked up the larder. They are not having commercial treats anymore, just the occasional apple. Both Star and Luna have always had wavy fur just above their tails which has always been a bit wirey, but we have noticed this is now much softer and they both have very fluffy necks and are wonderfully soft now.  Also, we used to have to run for cover from the dreaded poopy farts, as we used to call them, especially with Luna.  Since using Ancestral Canine I can’t recall either of our girls passing wind – which is fantastic! The girls do seem much calmer too. All we can attribute this to is the change in their diet.  We know we are now giving our girls the healthy diet they deserve. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and we will be placing another order for Ancestral Canine when our stock is getting low."

From Sherrie & Les Crawford, Kirkmichael, Perthshire.

"As successful breeders of Champion, and Best in Show winning, Alaskan Malamutes for nearly 20 years, it is extremely important to us that our dogs are fed a very high quality diet.  We compete, year-round, with our dogs at working, show and agility events, so it is essential for us that they maintain superb condition and fitness throughout the whole year. For a long while we were looking for a high quality, gluten and grain-free diet for our dogs and we finally found what we were looking for with Ancestral Canine Pack Leader – a wheat gluten and cereal-free complete kibble.  Thanks to Debbie and Adrian, their Pack Leader food helps keep our dogs in optimum physical condition and we are extremely happy to recommend this diet."

From Sharon Loades, Snowolf Alaskan Malamutes.

"As you can see by the photo, Harry is growing into a beautiful dog.  Health-wise, he is fit, healthy and content.  He looks forward to his Young Ones puppy food and licks his bowl clean.  He is a get up and go dog and loves his morning walks. When I initially changed his diet to Ancestral Canine Young Ones, I was a bit worried about tummy upsets but with your food, there were no problems, in fact, as regards his stools, they are a lot firmer than on his previous diet. On your good advice, Harry now has a variety of foods, including fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables.
Thank you for your great dog food.  In mine and Harry’s opinion, yours is the best."

Love Anne and Harry.